Who We Are

Our team is comprised of specialists and experts ranging in experience from working with individual home owners to  large real estate funds and  property management. We are individuals that are passionate about the industry that we're in and the company that we have built. We strongly believe that solving property owners needs and real estate portfolio building is one of, if not THE safest wealth building investment strategies available - and our mission is to bring that opportunity to individual investors everywhere. 


                                                                               Peter M. Brown - President / CEO

                                                                     Hipolito Santiago- Vice President Acquisitions

                                                                       Gisselle Rodriguez- Administrative Assistant


What We Do

We know that real estate should be a part of every investors portfolio, however, most investors do not have the access, time, or knowledge to be able to invest in safe, high yield investment properties. We also know that fully-owning properties allows the investor to reap every last drop of the monthly rental income and equity appreciation over time. Our mission is to supply our clients with properties they will actually own, with the highest yields possible (at the lowest cost possible), while making it easy with our top of line acquisitions, management services and high quality renovations. Our clients can buy properties one at a time, or we can tailor a package of properties to fit individual investor goals. We do the work and you enjoy easy, high returns!